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SOURCE Research Grant

Summer 2020

This project was funded through Syracuse University's SOURCE (Syracuse Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Engagement) through a research grant.


My original proposal was to make a documentary highlighting the detrimental effects of "study culture" in Southeast Asia. However, due to the global pandemic, travel was barred, so I pivoted my project to improve my production skills on all fronts to help enable me to create professional works.

Through this project, I was able to become more proficient as a digital media producer, both improving my existing skills and learning new ones to help round out my skillset, providing me with an end-to-end perspective of digital media production.


I created a commercial, a 3D model of a donut, multiple animated/motion graphics pieces, and learned how to use the various softwares to help me accomplish these works. Here is the work done below!

Click here to view my presentation!

Commercial: Milkis Melon

3D Modeling: Donut (Done in Blender)

1. Simple torus added

Blender Donut

2. Imperfections added to dough

Blender Donut

3. Smoothed with Subdivision Surface

4. Icing added by copying dough top

Blender Donut
Blender Donut

5. Icing extruded, middle indent sculpted

6. Lighting placed and edited

Blender Donut
Blender Donut

7. Initial render

Blender Donut

8. Materials added and colored

Blender Donut

9. Materials adjusted


11. Hair adjusted


13. Weight paint for sprinkle distribution


15. Texture painted for realism


10. Hair added to emulate sprinkles


12. Sprinkles modeled and linked


14. Trial render


16. Final render with donut texture


3D Modeling and Integration Into Spark AR


Motion Graphics / Animations

Masked Nation

Starry Skies

Text Motion


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