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Slowing Down, One Frame at a Time

Take your time.


I my life has become a lot about who I want to be

and where I want to end up.



"Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten?"


"What are your goals for the future, and

how are you working towards them now?"

But not everything has to be about achieving something.

Sometimes, you are meant to lead

and other times, you are meant to listen.

Sometimes, you are meant to move the world

and sometimes,

you are meant to let the world move you.


Not every photo you take has to win an award.

Not every word you speak has to change a mind.

You can do things for the sake of doing,

because you want to,

without needing reason,

without needing perfection.


These diptychs (picture pairings) reflect the time I've been taking to myself this semester without agonizing over perfection.

I've been trying to notice more, to stress less, to appreciate what exists.

Instead of putting myself into the role of a creator,

I decided to take on the role of the observer—part of the audience.


In a funny way, noticing the little things has made my world feel so much larger.

Vividly feeling time passing in every leaf, stone, and step has made me appreciate the time I have

and devote more of it to the things I want to spend time on.

I hope these pictures and their captions help you take the first step in taking time for yourself.

I hope these pictures encourage you to relax.

Please take some time for yourself at this digital oasis.

These photos are meant to be viewed in pairs and are numbered accordingly.

However, they may also be matched as you please.


Water is simply a collection of parts

coming together to make a cohesive body.

Like with water, some things are better to look at as a whole made of parts rather than parts of a whole.


Every curve and sweep of a tree is made from years of yearning towards the sun.

We see progress when

we distance ourselves from the effort.

If you would like to,

please let me know which combination of photos spoke to you personally.

Select the Left Image
Select the Right Image

Thank you for your submission.

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